Multicell DSC

The MC DSC is a versatile, multi-purpose calorimeter that combines microwatt sensitivity with increased sample throughput. Compared with a single sample DSC, the three removable, reusable sample ampoules and one reference ampoule in the MC DSC increases sample throughput and ensures high precision and unmatched reproducibility. The wide mouth, removable ampoules and additional sample manipulation allow study of materials that are physically not compatible with other calorimeters.

Nano DSC

The Nano DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed to characterize the molecular stability of dilute in-solution biomolecules. The Nano DSC obtains data using less sample than competitive designs. Solid-state thermoelectric elements are used to precisely control temperature and a built-in precision linear actuator maintains constant or controlled variable pressure in the cell. Automated, unattended continuous operation with increased sample throughput is achieved with the optional Nano DSC Autosampler.