Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Accessories

Air Chiller System 3

ACS3-fullThe new Air Chiller System, ACS-3 is a unique gas flow cooling system. It is equipped with a three-stage cascading compressor design, enabling testing to unprecedented temperatures as low as -100°C. This flexible Air Chiller is available for use with the DMA Q800, all DHR Rheometer models with ETC, and the ARES-G2 Rheometer & RSA-G2 Solids Analyzer with FCO. The ACS-3 can help eliminate or reduce liquid nitrogen usage and associated hazards from any laboratory and offers an incredible return on investment estimated between two to three years.

Air Chiller System 2


The new ACS-2 is a unique two-stage air chiller system for subambient temperature control and general cooling for rheology and DMA systems, but with a higher minimum temperature than the ACS-3 (-55 °C). Supported instruments and environmental systems include the DMA Q800 with standard furnace, Discovery Hybrid Rheometer models with Environmental Test Chamber and ARES-G2/ RSA-G2 with Forced Convection Oven. The ACS-2 can help eliminate or reduce liquid nitrogen usage and associated hazards from any laboratory and offers an incredible return on investment estimated between two to three years.

Gas Cooling Accessory


The Gas Cooling Accessory (GCA) extends the operating range of the Q800 DMA to subambient temperatures. The GCA uses cold nitrogen gas generated from controlled heating of liquid nitrogen. Automated filling of the GCA tank can be programmed to occur either after the scan is complete or during a run. This ability to automatically refill during the middle of a run is particularly useful during long DMA experiments typically encountered when generating data for Time/Temperature Superposition (TTS).

Nitrogen Purge Cooler


The Nitrogen Purge Cooler (NPC) is an innovative alternative for low temperature testing with the Q800 DMA. The NPC provides crash-cooling and controlled heating at temperatures as low as -160°C with all testing geometries. It is also an ideal choice for minimizing the cool-down time between consecutive experiments. A 2.5 L liquid-nitrogen filled dewar with heat exchanger cools nitrogen gas (2 bar to 8 bar, 30 LPM) before being fed to the Q800 oven. The NPC is a small, economical, and effective option for laboratories that have basic cooling requirements.



The DMA-RH Accessory allows mechanical properties of a sample to be analyzed under controlled and/or varying conditions of both relative humidity and temperature. It is designed for use with the Q800 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer.

The DMA-RH Accessory is a fully integrated unit and includes the following hardware components:

  1. The sample chamber mounts to the DMA in place of the standard furnace. Peltier elements in the chamber precisely control the temperature to +/-0.1°C. The sample chamber accommodates standard DMA clamps (tension, cantilever, and 3-point bending). It is quickly removed for conversion back to the standard DMA furnace.
  2. A heated vapor-transfer line is maintained at a temperature above the dew point temperature of the humidified gas in order to avoid condensation and provide accurate results.
  3. The DMA-RH Accessory contains the humidifier and electronics which continuously monitor and control temperature and humidity of the sample chamber.

Q800 Clamp Kits


The Q800 offers all the major deformation modes required to characterize solid bars, elastomers, soft foams, thin films and fibers. The deformation modes include bending (single/dual cantilever and 3-point bend), shear, compression, and tension.

  • Single/dual cantilever bending
  • 3-point bend
  • Shear
  • Compression
  • Film tension
  • Fiber tension

In addition, submersible compression and tension clamps are available.

Q800 Submersible Clamp Kits

submergeDMA800Some DMA applications require that the sample be run immersed in a liquid. Both the film tension and compression clamps are available in submersible versions. The clamps are easy to use and provide the ability to run in liquids up to 80°C. The kits include all the necessary tools and calibration samples.

Air Compressor Accessory

The Q800 uses air bearings for support of the drive shaft. The air bearings use a clean, dry compressed air or nitrogen supply that typically comes from a centralized supply. In cases where this is not possible, the Air Compressor Accessory (ACA) is available. This self-contained air compressor provides the clean, dry air supply required for the air bearings.