The New Discovery DSC – The Best Line of DSCs Ever Designed

For over 50 years, TA Instruments has developed the world’s best thermal analysis technology. Our commitment to best in class performance, ease of use, and data quality has earned the trust and admiration worldwide. That commitment to excellence continues as TA Instruments is proud to introduce the new line of Discovery Differential Scanning Calorimeters: The best line of DSCs…ever designed.

TA Instruments is the world leader in Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Microcalorimetry, and we just keep getting better. On this page, you can see just some of the many products we offer to help provide you with the tools to succeed. Product videos, reviews, and side by side comparisons show we’re willing to bare all. Our transparency comes from a long history of success, a willingness to better ourselves, and the desire to help you be a leader in your field.

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