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ARES-G2 and RSA-G2: The ULTIMATE Rheological Laboratory

The ARES-G2 and RSA-G2 are the most advanced platforms for the rheological characterization of solids and fluids. No other instrument or combination of instruments can make the measurements of an ARES-G2 and RSA-G2.

  • Independent measurements of stress and strain
  • Patented Active Temperature Control
  • Fully integrated fast data sampling
  • Wide range of accessories

The ARES-G2 rotational rheometer is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other rheometer measurements are compared for accuracy.

  • New Smart Swap™ environmental systems
  • Advanced Accessories, including Advanced Peltier System (APS), Forced Convection Oven (FCO), Electrorheology, Dielectric Thermal Analysis, UV Curing, Tribology, and more.
  • NEW Orthogonal Superposition (OSP) and 2-Dimensional Small Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (2D-SAOS) techniques
  • Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) and Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology Analysis Software package

The RSA-G2 is designed for the most demanding applications. It outperforms any other commercial DMA in every aspect of DMA performance.

  • The most accurate data over the widest possible range of applications
  • Extensive array of clamping systems to accommodate the widest range of sample shapes and stiffness
  • Doubles as a Dielectric Thermal Analyzer (DETA) for standalone or simultaneous measurements
  • Immersion testing capabilities
  • Optional FCO Camera Viewer accessory

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