Vertical Dilatometers

The clear choice for sintering study without compromise to temperature uniformity

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DIL 820 Series dilatometers operate in a vertical orientation, making it uniquely set up for the analysis of sintering, studies in Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS) mode and the determination of dilatometric parameters of samples otherwise difficult to be analyzed on classic dilatometers with horizontal design. The 820 Series dilatometers are also particularly well suited for powder samples and samples that during the test develop a vitreous phase. That would lead the sample to interact with the sample holder hence generate friction. A major source of errors in the measurament of dilatometric parameters.

All four units  feature the new optical encoder with 1nm resolution. That when combined with the True Differential of the DIL822, the result is simply the best possible sensitivity and CTE accuracy on the market.

The vertical orientation also prevents the measuring systems and furnace tubes from sagging when used over long test periods at high temperatures, resulting in extended operational life.

Equipped with a  linear motor generating a constant load  throughout the experiment, in the 820 Series the pushrod is kept in contact with the sample regardless of dimensional changes.

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