ElectroForce Support Plans

Our experience with over 10,000 installations has shown that when users are well trained, systems receive routine preventive maintenance, and problems and concerns are addressed promptly, the result is improved instrument performance, increased uptime, and reduced cost of ownership.

The Lifetime Support Plan

Comprehensive support at modest annual subscription.

Premium Support Plan

For the ultimate in coverage…

ElectroForce Support Contracts provide peace of mind, knowing that any problems that occur will be corrected rapidly and without further cost. These agreements include the following benefits:

  • Easy to Budget: All contracts include labor, travel expenses, and repair parts so you only have one cost to consider when budgeting maintenance on your system
  • Refresher Training: Instrument training is included as part of the support contracts (up to 2 hours), ensuring that operators are well trained. Additional training or application support can be added into any contract.
  • Performance Maintenance Visits: Included with Premium contracts and Lifetime Support Plans, these visits keep your system functioning at peak performance and help reduce downtime. A Field Service Representative will verify system performance, and calibrate all present sensors using certified standards. Software will also be updated during each visit.
  • Routine Calibration: Never worry about sensors going out of calibration. Customers on support plans will receive yearly calibration on or before a re-calibration is due.
  • Discount on Parts and Accessories: On select contracts, parts and consumables can be purchased at a 10% discount

Additional Service Options

TA Instruments | ElectroForce offers other options for instrument repair, in addition to the Support Contracts. The service provided is of equal quality, with rapid response. Only genuine, quality TA parts are used and instrument performance is always verified after repairs are completed.

Demand Services

On-site demand service is available if you elect not to cover your instrument with a Support Contract. With demand service, you pay only for the service required to correct a specific problem. The cost for demand services will depend on where you are located, the amount of time required to correct the problem, and the parts used.

Service Shop

TA Instruments | ElectroForce maintains a large staff of in-house Service Specialists trained in all aspects of instrument repair. Instruments can be returned to the Minnesota service shops for repair to save travel cost associated with on-site demand service, for more extensive repairs, or for upgrades not available in the field. The cost will depend on how long it takes to evaluate and repair the problem, what parts are needed, and freight charges.

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